Did you know that keeping a school neat and clean doesn’t just help reduce illness and make learning more efficient but also reduces absenteeism and boosts morale? 

But if you’ve not worked with a professional cleaning service, it might be hard to know where to start with such a large space. Don’t worry. This list notes 8 key things to focus on when keeping a school clean:  

1. Create a Cleaning Schedule

Both kids and cleaning can benefit from a timetable. By keeping a regular cleaning schedule, you can make sure that things are on track. It’s also a great way to make sure you’re not missing out on any essential cleaning duties.

2. Choose Your Focus

Bacteria love high-contact surfaces. When cleaning your school, make sure not to miss high-traffic common areas like doorknobs, tables, and water fountains. Ideally, you want to clean these daily to maximise hygiene.

3. Use Proper Waste Disposal Procedures

It’s good to get a cleaning service to handle waste disposal. If you are going to tend to it yourself, make sure to handle waste with gloves on, and, when you empty bins, avoid touching their contents. 

4. Pay Attention to Product Labels

Not all cleaning products are built equal. Some consist of harsh chemicals that may cause dangerous side effects. Take the time to read product labels to make sure you’re using them safely. Or, go for natural products, which can be just as effective as chemical cleaners yet much safer.  

5. Bring in the Professionals

A school is a large institution, and, understandably, you can feel overwhelmed by the pressure to clean it, especially if you’re not a professional. That’s why turning to a professional cleaning service with experience cleaning schools can be beneficial. 

6. Get The Kids Involved

Younger students might benefit from treating cleaning like a game. For older students, like teenagers, you could try instituting a reward system. Why not take advantage of their natural competitiveness by rewarding classes who get the cleaning done faster or more efficiently?

7. Don’t Cut Corners

Bacteria and viruses can live on surfaces for between 24 hours and a week! For that reason, it’s better taking the time to wipe down a surface even if it looks clean, especially if it’s in a high-traffic area. 

8. Remember the Windows

Getting a professional cleaning service to keep school windows clean is worth the cost. Natural light is important for mood and productivity. Taking the time to make sure that your school buildings’ have a bright and encouraging atmosphere will benefit the performance of both students and staff.

Are you looking for a leading Auckland-based cleaning company to keep your school neat and clean? The team at Spot X is here for you. We’re a local team with years of experience offering professional commercial cleaning solutions. Contact us today at 0800 009 936 and our friendly team will be happy to work with you to set up a cleaning service that will keep your space spotless.

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