Why Spot X?

If you’re looking for the best commercial cleaning services in Auckland, you’ve come to the right place. Spot X Cleaning is a leading cleaning solutions provider, offering some of the best commercial cleaning in Auckland. We specialise in a range of cleaning work, including for retail premises, offices, schools and gyms. We’ll get your property shining.

At Spot X, our reputation’s spotless. We’re committed to the quality of our cleaning, and making sure we leave no mark untouched. As a home-grown, local company, we know that our clients matter - because they’re more than clients. They're a community. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to do better, help our clients save money, and create a healthier, more productive workplace sustainably.

If you’re looking for consistent, reliable, professional commercial cleaning services in Auckland, look no further. At Spot X, our clients stick with us because they know we know what we do.

Our Values

At Spot X, we put you and your cleaning needs first. We believe in doing all our work right, and that’s why we bring our core values to every job:

Consistent Service

We do every job to the best of our ability. We approach customer problems systematically, ensuring that your Auckland commercial property is left sparkling clean.


We know the importance of listening. We make sure we understand you so that we can tailor our services to solving your problems.


We’re committed to integrity, honesty, and mutual respect. Our commercial cleaning services in Auckland have a spotless reputation, and all our cleaning franchise owners are insured to $10 million - so when you leave your property with Spot X, you know it’s in safe hands.

The best Auckland commercial cleaning services

We understand that every job, client, and site is different. At Spot X, we treat all our clients as the high-value customers they are. That’s why we’ll work with you to create a cleaning solution designed to fit all your needs. Once our team are done, you’ll have a welcoming, healthy environment for staff, students, visitors and clients. 

We know that first impressions count. That’s why we help you impress from the get-go. Our staff can clean commercial properties of any size, and we’ll make sure to do it right. We know how critical smooth operations are to your business, and that’s why we’ll work around your schedule. With Spot X, you’ll get fuss-free cleaning with minimal disruptions.

We value the health and safety of our team and yours. We know that the choice of cleaning supplies in Auckland matters. That’s why our commercial cleaning services in Auckland use only hospital-grade, eco-friendly disinfectants. That’s better for your skin, wallet, and our planet.

Our Team

Our cleaners are hard workers who are passionate about what they do and have made it their mission to excel at it. They use best practices to meet our high standards of quality and sustainability.

All our cleaning franchise owners have undergone a systematic training process and a Ministry of Justice background check. That’s why you can be sure that when you choose Spo tX, you’re making the right choice.

Ready to see the difference our commercial cleaning services in Auckland can make to your property? Whether you’re looking for cleaning services in West Auckland, up on the Shore, or down South, Spot X can help. Just contact us at 0800 009 936 to learn more or to request a free quote. We can’t wait to show you why our reputation is spotless.
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Commercial Cleaning services Auckland

Jeremy Koh

Property Manager

"We are pleased to say that we are a very happy customer. They thrive to meet the cleaning standards and in an odd chance it is not met, take necessary steps to improve as soon as possible. We at Argosy Property are very happy with the services we receive from Spot X Cleaning and highly recommend them."

Commercial Cleaning services Auckland

India Bishop

Account Manager

"We are happy with your service, the team is great, communicate well, and do a good job with the cleaning."

Commercial Cleaning services Auckland

Christine Seymour

Business Owner

"We are beyond thrilled with the cleaning of our office. The couple from Fiji that clean our office are superstars. They are the best cleaners that we have ever had. Romano (Franchisor) is a delight to deal with professional and following up after the cleaning."

  • Commercial Cleaning services Auckland
  • Commercial Cleaning services Auckland
  • Commercial Cleaning services Auckland

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